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Aluminum Profile Machining Center Features

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With the development of Doors&Windows, Curtain Walls, Architectural Decoration, and Vehicle and Ship Decoration Industries, Aluminum Profile Machining Centers have gradually developed into an independent Machining Center category.

As per the processing requirements of aluminum profiles, The Profile Machining Centers usually have functions of Milling, Drilling, Routing, Chamfering and Tapping.

Because of the unique processing characteristics, the Aluminum Profile Machining Center is very different from the General Machining Center in terms of structural layout, technical parameters and control system design.


Characteristics of Aluminum Profile Machining Center


1)   Large X-Axis Stroke

In order to cater to the slender and narrow Aluminum Profiles, the width of Profile Machining Center is generally not more than 500mm; the length is 6500mm to 7000mm to adapt to the typical 6m profile processing. Pneumatic clamps and positioning plates are standard on the work surface to facilitate workpiece positioning and clamping.

There are three types of aluminum profile machining center structure: gantry type, moving column type and moving beam type. The three layouts have advantages and disadvantages in the performance indexes such as machine rigidity, stable operation and convenient operation.

The machining center with the A-axis (rotating around the X-axis) can be used to complete the machining of the three sides of the aluminum profile.


2)   High Spindle Speed

The Max. speed of the spindle of the universal machining center is generally below 8000 rpm; while the spindle speed of the aluminum profile machining center should reach or exceed 18000 rpm. Due to the high speed, the integrated permanent magnet synchronous electric spindle is generally used to clamp the tool, blow the air, and circulate the water. And other functions are integrated in one.

The coolant system is divided into two types: Water Cooling and Spray Cooling. The Spray Cooling belongs to the more advanced Dry Cutting and Micro-Lubrication system (MQL) concept, with high cooling and lubrication efficiency and low coolant consumption, especially suitable for aluminum profile processing.

3) Accuracy and Rigidity

The processing precision of the frame and other profiles for doors, windows and curtain walls is generally between IT10 and IT12. In addition, the processing materials are mostly thin and light profiles, therefore, the Light-Duty Profile Machining Center is suitable for Aluminum Profiles.


1)   High Efficiency

By shortening the assist and idle travel time and increasing the rapid traverse (G00) speed, shortening the tool change time, eliminating tool setting and quick loading, the Aluminum Profile Machining Centers has high efficiency.

Multi-spindle Machining Center is another important manifestation of the high efficiency. A typical multi-head machining center has two spindle systems that process the individual parts without interference (like two separate machining centers); they can also work together to machine the same part.


5) Optimized CNC system


The operation interface is designed according to the application characteristics of the aluminum profile machining center. For example, the spindle running/stationary, coolant opening/closing, positioning plate lifting/falling, workpiece clamping/releasing, etc. are all animated on the display. which performed.

Machine parameter setting, adjustment, no variable characters, but a visual representation of the text. It can be mastered without long training.

Graphical interactive assisted programming software allows users who do not understand G code to write machining programs.


Since the Profile Machining Center is different from the general machining center, so we should select the Professional Profile Machining Center for the Profile Processing. KINGTECH is a professional manufacturer of Profile Machining Center, specialized in Doors and Windows, Curtain walls, Construction, Automotive Industry, Solar Energy. Photovoltaic, Rail Transit and other Industries, have developed Professional Machining Centers for profiles.

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