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  • With the development of Doors&Windows, Curtain Walls, Architectural Decoration, and Vehicle and Ship Decoration Industries, Aluminum Profile Machining Centers have gradually developed into an independent Machining Center category. As per the processing requirements of aluminum profiles, The Profile
  • Aluminum Profile is made of Aluminum and other alloying elements. Aluminum extruded materials are usually aluminum materials obtained by hot melt, extrusion, and various surface treatments to obtain different cross-sectional shapes and appearances. The main metal element is aluminum, which is added
  • Various audiovisual media have entered our daily lives. So, do you know what materials are used in our TV borders? The answer is aluminum alloy. Due to the beautiful appearance, light weight, high hardness and not easy to deform, the aluminum alloy has gradually become the frame material of various
  • The Automotive Power Battery has been developed from the auxiliary development of Traditional Automobile Manufacturers to the vigorous development of New Energy Vehicles. There have been many classic design solutions. This article will introduce the current main Battery PACK:
  • With the rapid development of the aviation industry, higher and higher requirements are placed on the processing of industrial aluminum profiles. In particular, high-speed military and civil aircraft require more sophisticated products to make the structure of each component more reasonable and ensu
  • Why is custom-made all-aluminum furniture so popular? Is it environmental? Some consumers who don't know all-aluminum furniture may be curious about it. Compared with all-aluminum furniture, other materials are not so good and environmental. Compared with the traditional panel furniture, all-aluminu
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