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New Environmentally Friendly Whole House Custom-made Aluminum Furniture

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Why is custom-made all-aluminum furniture so popular? Is it environmental? Some consumers who don't know all-aluminum furniture may be curious about it.

Compared with all-aluminum furniture, other materials are not so good and environmental. Compared with the traditional panel furniture, all-aluminum funitures are superior in the following aspects:


Advantage 1: Environmental protection


The decoration of formaldehyde pollution is like a street mouse, everyone shouts. When people are renovating, they will worry that the decoration is too gorgeous and lead to excessive formaldehyde pollution. The children's room, study room and decoration environmental protection are particularly important. After all, there are many cases of childhood leukemia caused by decoration pollution in recent years. The biggest advantage of all-aluminum households is that the products are green and environmentally friendly, and the raw materials of the products are very safe. Secondly, the modular splicing installation avoids the pollution of the decoration, and the multiple guarantees from the source to the decoration process, no need to worry about the decoration pollution.

Because of environmental protection, more and more consumers use all-aluminum home decoration, which is especially popular in the field of children's room decoration! All-aluminum home not only creates a healthy growth space for children, but also enriches the color of the child and gives the child a happy little world.

Advantage 2: Convenient and Efficient


I believe that consumers who use all-aluminum furniture decoration must have this feeling - convenient!

The "convenience" of all-aluminum furniture is mainly reflected in the whole process of the purchase of decoration materials and the renovation of the house. The first is the convenience of the decoration materials, which can be used for furniture and ceiling decoration, eliminating the trouble of selecting materials for running the building materials market.

Secondly, the decoration is convenient, the product installation method greatly improves the decoration efficiency, the owner does not have to spend a lot of time and energy on the construction supervision, and the decoration is carried out according to the design effect diagram;

The final cleaning is convenient, the decoration garbage generated during the whole aluminum furniture decoration process is less, the on-site construction environment is good, there is no huge construction cleaning problem in the later stage, and there is no decoration pollution and it can be installed immediately.

The decoration speed of the all-aluminum home is visible, and the 120-square-meter house is completed in about half a month, which is really high-efficient!


Advantage 3: High-End


For the decoration style, everyone has their own needs. But one thing is the same - the decoration must look good! Young people are particularly valued for this.

The use of all-aluminum home decoration, the most intuitive feeling is good-looking, embodied in all aspects.

All-aluminum home can be used in many different functions such as guest restaurant and entrance, and it can achieve the harmony of style, that is, to ensure that each space has its own decoration, and it will not cause confusion in the decoration style. The look of the home, all aluminum homes will help you achieve.

What kind of machines is required for the whole house custom-made aluminum furniture production?


KINGTECH offers you integrated production and processing solutions.

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